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Website Design Essex & London

Custom Business Website Designs for Clients in Essex & London, SMEs and organisations of all sizes covering many sectors.  Website services include:

Business Marketing Strategy Planning

  • Free Design Consultation
  • Logo Design if Required
  • Colour Scheme to Match Company Profile
  • Animations & Slide Shows
  • Graphics as Required

It's important that your new website should be compatible with new mobile phone technology, on-line devices, tablets and ipads etc. (Note:  Macromedia flash for example is no longer compatible with most mobile devices and should be replaced - we can provide a version of your websites for mobile phones.)

Your website is a vital part of your business and as an SEM Consultancy we take the time to understand our clients' business needs.  Our website philosophy is not to describe your business, but to drive client enquiries on the basis of why they should be using your services.

We make your website an effective business tool to help you achieve market success online.

We'll design and build and host a website that compliments your organisation and help you market it for success.  We can manage an existing site, and keep it update it for you.  We can also host it for you on the web for as little as £50.00 per annum including free email services.

It's important your website is kept fresh and current while retaining the consistency of the design, style, and quality.  Necessary updates and adding pages and new sections as required will help you meet the ongoing changing requirements of search engines to maintain your rankings.

Unless you need to make weekly or frequent updates, a maintenance arrangement is usually more cost effective than a CMS (Content Management System).  We make the updating easy and can usually make changes within a day or so.  We provide very fast updating services!

We prefer not to use off-the-shelf templates (unless there are specific reasons why you would want a template site). Apart from 'Word Press' websites which are simple and quite easily optimised (although they suffer from the fact that the controlling software is free open scource and clients are liable to see their websites hacked) we create fresh ideas for each client, crafting each design to create individual business branding.

It's important to consider new ways clients are connecting to the internet:

Advice on Social Networking for your Business


Marketing Strategy      Marketing Strategy

Social networking is excellent for many businesses but for many small businesses not very effective and time consuming.  With Google +1 and Google Places becoming the norm for many small businesses these are becoming effective tools for recommending clients in local communities to local company business services.

An excellent way of building up your business portfolio


The benefits of SEO: make sure your website is ranked along with your peers and appears on certain keywords along with your competitors websites on similar search categories on the web.


Backlinking is very important for websites and improves search engine ranking, providing the links are authorative (helps if they have a Page Rank) and the content of the link is relevant to the same industry.


Google Page Rank for your website is awarded (from 1 to 10) and is indicative of the number of websites linking to it, the relevancy of their content and the ranking strength of the linking websites.

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