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Website Hosting | Domain Registrations & Renewals

Quality Web Hosting Solutions Essex & London

Professional hosting solutions include Domain Name registrations and Renewals service

Our Hosting Packages.

Keeping it Simple and cheap!  We supply your hosting and hosting support.  We set up a customer account for you and upload your websites using our professional reseller package.

What this Means!

We check your website is on the web 24/7.  You are guaranteed a continuous service and clients can view your website, and in the event of any problems we solve them for you.

Reseller hosting

The vast majority of websites today run on shared hosting.  The cost of the hosting and support depends largely on the number of websites sharing the resources.  As many of our websites are sharing the same servers our reseller hosting is very reasonsably priced.  We operate a most reliable shared hosting platform, using one of the biggest and best providers in the UK, operating within the UK's biggest data centres.


We set up all your company emails and also any required forwarding for you.  You can have as many email addresses as you require and these can be added or removed within 24 hours by contacting us.  We can provide, for a small annual fee, extra large data email boxes, useful if you receive large files.  Website email services are provided as a FREE service as part of our annual hosting fees.

Low Cost VPS hosting is also available which is essentially the same as premium dedicated hosting, and we can offer you this service.  This means that you have dedicated resources that may span more than one physical server.  It makes hosting more easily scalable - extra resources can be purchased as and when required.

Our Annual Hosting Fees

  • One Website: £50.00 per annum
  • Any Additional website £25.00 per annum
* Penalty Notice
Annual hosting Fees are due each year and are required to be paid before the 31st of July.  Failure to make payment will result in your website being removed from our system and instead of your home page a default notice will be displayed.  If this occures you will be required to pay an additional fee of £25.00 as well as the hosting fee in order that your website will be restored.

Full Hosting & Email Support

Website Hosting   Website Hosting   Website Hosting

We provide Domain Name Registration services and Web Hosting Solutions
Advice on Social Networking for your Business


Marketing Strategy      Marketing Strategy

Social networking is excellent for many businesses but for many small businesses not very effective and time consuming.  With Google +1 and Google Places becoming the norm for many small businesses these are becoming effective tools for recommending clients in local communities to local company business services.

An excellent way of building up your business portfolio


The benefits of SEO: make sure your website is ranked along with your peers and appears on certain keywords along with your competitors websites on similar search categories on the web.


Backlinking is very important for websites and improves search engine ranking, providing the links are authorative (helps if they have a Page Rank) and the content of the link is relevant to the same industry.


Google Page Rank for your website is awarded (from 1 to 10) and is indicative of the number of websites linking to it, the relevancy of their content and the ranking strength of the linking websites.

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