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  • Looking for a quality modern SME website?
  • Want your website to rank highly on Google?
  • Confused by SEO companies trying to sign you up to their dubious services?
  • Need Cost Effective advice about Google PPC (pay per click) Campaigns?

Custom Business Website Designs that work for Clients in Essex & London, SMEs and organisations of all sizes covering most sectors.  Website services includes design of pages, logos, colouring, animations, slide shows and graphics as required.
Your website is a vital part of your business and as an Search Engine Marketing(SEM) Consultancy we take the time to understand our clients' business needs.  Our website philosophy is not to describe your business, but to drive enquiries on the basis of why clients' should be using your services.

Your website should be an effective online business tool driving sales.

Consider that now:

  • 97% of customers research online before buying
  • 92% of customers contact a business immediately after searching
  • 80% of organic search engine traffic goes to the 1st page of organic results keywords
  • 7-to-1 returns on investment for the average SEO campaign

It's obvious 'Ranking' top on the major search engines pages will increase your sales

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Search Engine Marketing is much more comprehensive than Search Engine Optimization (SEO).  It includes all your websites plus any blog posts, social network or PR posts, including pod casts and video posts (Youtube videos).  In essence, S.E.M. encompasses all web postings of any kind.  Yet it also means more than this.  SEM is also a methodology designed to meet the search content requirements that provide high ranking.  In other words, success or failure is predicated on doing what the search engines want, not trying to trick them into giving you better ranking. When trying to rank highly on Google, this point is even more critical.

It's no longer possible to deceive the search engines using poor methods in order to get a high ranking.  Google has employed a multi-tier approach to detect most chicanery.  Their new algorithms penalize practices for keyword stuffing, duplicate sites, backlink farms and other patently deceptive practices making 'black hat' techniques increasingly unviable.

All new More Clix websites are built Mobile Friendly to comply with ongoing Google regulations.

Useful Easy Favicon Tool

Favicon maker- Create a favicon from any image


The benefits of SEO: make sure your website is ranked along with your peers and appears on certain keywords along with your competitors websites on similar search categories on the web.


Backlinking is very important for websites and improves search engine ranking, providing the links are authorative (helps if they have a Page Rank) and the content of the link is relevant to the same industry.


Google Page Rank for your website is awarded (from 1 to 10) and is indicative of the number of websites linking to it, the relevancy of their content and the ranking strength of the linking websites.

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